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Focus on Quality Oriented Organizations
Industries We Serve
Providing mission critical electronics manufacturing services across multiple industries gives Xanfab a continuously informed, well-rounded perspective that permeates how we do business. Customers love our technical feedback, and seeing our focus on quality allows designers to focus on what they do best. Xanfab's clients come from other industries, including robotics, telecommunications, and various startups working on products for the Internet of Things (IoT), but our core focus is aviation, space, and defense.
Located in Western Washington, Boeing's epicenter for commercial airplane manufacturing, Xanfab is part of an area well known for its aviation expertise. We're proud to be part of the local aerospace supply base.
Xanfab offers component lead forming services for rad-hard flat packages and understands the J-STD-001 Space Addendum. Our customers' flight heritage and mission success is the highlight of our partnerships in this sector.
Because of our large company focus on process and our small business agility, primes look to us for mission critical circuit card assembly.


Tools We Utilize
Customized Processes and Emerging Technologies
Providing large electronics manufacturing services (EMS) maturity to customers needing ultra-low volume production wasn’t an easy void to fill in the market. Yet through developing our own process solutions and investing in a new, state-of-the-art facility, we found a way to create value for our loyal and expanding customer base.
Creating Value
Our deepest values: Intensive Listening + Meticulous Manufacturing. Our leadership team has had first-hand experience in customer roles – managing PCBA design, supplier quality, and outsourcing manufacturing – enabling us to empathize with the need for an EMS provider who can be passionate about the details.
The CASE System
Our Customer/Assembly Specific Execution (CASE) job flow tracks account specific requirements that may be unique to an industry and product build specifications that are unique to a design. Future versions of CASE may be as smart as Skynet, but the current version is a valuable prompt during RFPs and throughout production.
Vapor Phase Soldering
At Xanfab, we use vapor phase soldering technology instead of the conventional convection method. This delivers superior joints, drastically reducing voids and other defects. This is done in an inert environment, and the physics of liquid-to-vapor technology makes overheating components virtually impossible.
Solder Paste Jet Printing
As printed circuit board assemblies reduce in size and grow in density, this technology keeps Xanfab agile. Solder paste jet printing delivers exceptional dot consistency via a non-contact nozzle. The process is also capable of 3D buildups to optimize individual pads. Technical adjustments can be made quickly via software—there's no need to remake stencils!
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