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Our SYNC Section is for Industry Insight and Xanfab News
Stay Informed
We're neither infographic nor meme wizards, but we try to get the point across with a concise image and/or a short phrase. Scroll through this page to get data points for managing your electronics manufacturing services supply chain. And follow us on LinkedIn to get this type of info regularly.
Stay Informed

Responsive. Technical. Dialogue.

September 20, 2019

Need a quick answer to keep your program on schedule? Need to discuss Part on Part (PoP) packages and vapor phase reflow? Need collaborative feedback? Introduce Xanfab's responsive, technical dialogue to your supply chain. 

Season's Greetings

December 18, 2017

Thank you to our loyal customers. Here's to another great year in 2018.

Having Problems with PCB Fabrication?

December 08, 2017

Xanfab's turnkey services included sourcing PCB fabrication. If you've ever received a warped board, you understand the need for high quality in regards to bow and twist. Check in with Xanfab for more details on how we help mitigate your supply chain risks.

Aerospace and Defense Orders Are Driving North American PCB Orders

October 13, 2017

According to the IPC's latest release of PCB ordering data, their Book-to-Bill metric shows a positive trend in North American board fabrication orders. The IPC release attributed the growth to a quick uptick from military and aerospace customers, who we know need quality electronics manufacturing services. With our turnkey circuit card assembly services, we often collaborate on the level of quality needed in the PWB.

Precision Component Lead Forming Services

September 29, 2017

Military, aerospace, and other high-reliability industries often use expensive flat pack devices. Components that are radiation hardened (rad-hard or RadHard) may require specific shaping of the leads. For these types of products, Xanfab offers precision component lead forming services, from pad layout to circuit card assembly.

Thanks for Attending!

September 25, 2017

Last week, we enjoyed showing Western Washington based electrical designers our capabilities for precision circuit card assembly. The live demos were a huge success, with attendees impressed by the 3D jet printing, vapor phase reflow, and other technologies Xanfab utilizes. To all who attended: Thanks! And to those that couldn't make it: We'll see you again soon.

Silkscreens Save Lives

September 15, 2017

Whether the component is a high end BGA or a low cost LED, rotation of the part is critical. So why leave your circuit card assembly (CCA) open to interpretation? Printed wiring board (PWB) layouts, whether they are for defense and aerospace or consumer electronics, need to effectively communicate to assemblers. A few extra hours paying attention to detail in design can save days of troubleshooting post production. It's hyperbolic to say silkscreens save lives, but it's accurate to say an effective one will save your project's timeline and budget from creeping in the wrong direction.

Don't Overlook Component Availability

August 24, 2017

Aviation, space, and defense industries often have tight product development schedules. So while there's no need to panic about the macro supply constraints of electronics components in Q4 of 2017, we're advising our customers to remain informed of the risk. Xanfab's electronics manufacturing services (EMS) include turnkey sourcing. And since we're seeing delays on materials, we're just keeping our community informed: Don't push off component availability in your design, build, and test schedule.

We Know Responsiveness Matters

August 18, 2017

Whether the answer is "Yes" or "No" we efficiently respond to general inquiries. We promptly assess your circuit card assembly needs against our technological solutions. Because regardless of your application of the electronics - avionics, robotics, communications, or test equipment - we know deadlines approach quickly. And even if we're not the best fit, we'll help you keep moving with your electronics design schedule.

PCB Demand Trending Upwards

August 11, 2017

As an IPC Member Facility, Xanfab utilizes their industry standards, such as IPC-A-610, for printed circuit board assembly quality. One of the publicly available metrics IPC provides is the North American Book-to-Bill Ratio. For 5 consecutive months, this market indicator has remained above 1.00, meaning printed circuit board fabrication demand may exceed supply during the remainder of 2017.

Click here for IPC Book-to-Bill Info

Got Voids?

August 04, 2017

The Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) publishes a list of their most downloaded articles, and "Voids in Solder Joints" is currently the top of the list. At Xanfab, we see a variety of technology applications for printed circuit boards, and there is often concern over voiding in flat packages. Therefore, we've worked on a pad optimization process to help customers achieve superior solder joints.

Click here for the SMTA Articles Link

Remove Even One of These Words...

July 28, 2017

We aim to be efficient, effective, and collaborative in our communication regarding your electronics manufacturing services (EMS) needs. Xanfab understands electrical engineers, program managers, and operations professionals want quick, thorough, and helpful information. Whether it's your project Gantt chart, master production schedule, or overall supply chain strategy that needs this input, we welcome the conversation.

Ever Sourced a Supplier Culture?

July 22, 2017

When your organization's values extend upwards into the supply chain, your expectations touch the product before you do. Here's a great article from a GEP thinker to provide more insight into the strategy. Perhaps you're sourcing component lead forming services for your aerospace electronics? Or printed circuit board assembly services for your communications card? If so, consider sourcing the right supplier culture too.

Pay Your Engineers to Engineer

July 14, 2017

Xanfab has a unique turnkey PCB assembly service, because we understand the cost of engineering time. Electrical engineers may cost 1.25 to 1.38 times their salaries, so why assign them to sourcing, packaging, labeling, and transporting electrical components? Seems simple when you look at it this way: Should my EE be counting capacitors or designing circuits? Turnkey PCB assembly may be the right solution for your organization.

Strategic Suppliers

July 06, 2017

Xanfab offers quality circuit card assembly services for aviation, space, and defense needs. We also work with communications, robotics, and other high tech industries requiring electronics manufacturing services (EMS) for mission critical applications. The cost of poor quality (COPQ) can be 1.2 times your annual sales revenue. Therefore, consider Xanfab's precision lead forming services and electronics box build capabilities as you incorporate more strategic partnerships into your supply chain.

IPC Book-to-Bill Ratio for Released May 2017

May 11, 2017

The Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC) has released its latest PCB Book-to-Bill Ratio, a market indicator measuring the trend in printed circuit board fabrication production levels across North America. 

Click here for IPC Book-to-Bill Announcement

May the 4th Be With You

May 04, 2017

Avionics hardware in X-Wings, comm boards in astromech droids, and defense electronics in space stations...we had to post a few related thoughts about printed circuit board assembly on Star Wars Day. Check out the details on our LinkedIn company page.

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