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Intensive Listening + Meticulous Manufacturing
Our High Level Framework
Although needs of the medical, industrial, aerospace and other high-tech industries differ, one commonality was apparent to us during the early days of our business: an opportunity to listen. We’re maintaining that simple-yet-extraordinary service as our customer base grows. We also continue to reinvest in our state-of-the-art Seattle area facility so that we can consistently provide high-end electronics manufacturing services to our customers.
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Create Value

Drive + Process

Process + Talent

Technical Dialogue

High End PCB Assembly


Through diverse careers, our staff has experienced frustration as PCB assembly customers, making us perpetually motivated to prevent or relieve similar pains for you. We invite you to utilize our unique passion to build your designs.


To align manufacturing results with your expectations, we use our proprietary Customer/Assembly Specific Execution (CASE) job flow. CASE not only prompts and tracks your requirements, but the program also cross-references your customer profile against industry standards in order to suggest best practices. In short, CASE is a tool we've designed to guide Intensive Listening and Meticulous Manufacturing.


Individually, our employees have worked for aerospace giants like GE, Meggitt, and Honeywell. Collectively, we have decades of experience in manufacturing high-quality electronics. And our industry skillset is backed by our passion.


At Xanfab, 'quality' isn't merely the name of a policy or a check point. It's much more like the way our organization breathes, happening continuously and supporting each step towards product realization.


Scientific Manufacturing
Logic, Process Control, and Technology
Our manufacturing is centered around repeatable processes. For example, the physics behind our liquid-to-vapor reflow station makes over temp conditions virutally impossible. Read more about our equipment.
An IPC Member Facility
Aligned to Standards
Xanfab adheres to industry best practices and objectively references standards throughout the build process. As an IPC Member, our focus on globally accepted specifications enables efficient communication throughout the build process. Learn more about our focus on standards.
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